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Top 15 Badass Quotes From Baki Anime To Amaze You

Baki is an anime streaming on Netflix famous for showcasing the best sporting anime of all time. It is a sports anime that features sports of fighting. It follows the story of Baki Hanma. Here are the best quotes from the Baki anime that will blow your mind…

Best Baki Quotes

1. A real fighter fights with his fists, and nothing else. It’s a man’s guts and pride that drives his fists to victory. – Chiharu Shiba

2. I’m going to prove that the term father truly means master. – Yujiro Hanma

3. Yanagi…. Payback’s a bitch.. Careful. – Gouki Shibukawa

4. Only by death is a true warrior defeated. – Yujiro Hanma

5. This is the only move I got…and I have to take it. – Baki Hanma

6. Your control over your body leaves something to be desired, Baki. – Yujiro Hanma

7. Give your father something to be proud of! – Emi Akezawa

8. You’re the bravest one on the island -Jun Guevaru

9. Not feeling free unless you’re the most free person in the world. How unfree -Baki Hanma

10. The winner is whoever we say it is -Biscuit Oliva

11. Reality is harsh. No matter how much you laugh at my lack of freedom, or how loudly you profess your comfort, this is reality -Biscuit Oliva

12. Oliva, I can vow this. In the very near future, you will grovel before me. Begging me to fight you. Begging me to accept your challenge -Baki Hanma

13. Something like this is usually…is usually a dream -Jun Guevaru

14. If one is born male, at least once in his lifetime, he’ll dream of becoming the strongest man alive. – Yujiro Hanma

15. As long as you do not violate our rights, I will protect your safety -Lessen

These were the best quotes from Baki. Hope you enjoyed these quotes and share it with your friends who love Baki anime.

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