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Top 20 Amazing Quotes From The Komi Can’t Communicate Anime

Komi Can’t Communicate is one of the most relatable anime series to many young people. It highlights the common issues faced by many of us like communication issues, no friends, and others. Here are the best quotes from the Komi Can’t Communicate anime series to blow your mind…

Best Komi Can’t Communicate Quotes

  1. Bear in mind, they only struggle to form connections. It doesn’t mean that they don’t want to- Narrator
  2. I get nervous in front of people. My face gets tight and that’s why I’m scary, but I really want to talk to them. ~Komi
  3. I see! I thought for sure that it was an encoded death threat – Najimi
  4. To pass, students must be unique. In other words, freaks, weirdos, loners, miscreants, and eccentrics fill the school – Najimi
  5. Do people hate me? Well, they obviously hate me. Who would like a person who doesn’t speak like me? ~Komi

  6. I know that understanding the atmosphere and not standing out, is the key to happiness – Tadano
  7. Times like these, it’s nice to have fun and not fuss. Otherwise she’ll think it’s her fault for ruining our good time – Najimi
  8. But a friend of a friend is still a friend, right?- Najimi
  9. But there are lots of fun winter events- Christmas, gift money, skiing, cozy rooms, the Ekiden race! And…Term finals. Tests, you’re always the same. Standing between me and my fun! How dare you? – Najimi
  10. Femininity? Don’t judge me on something you can’t even quantify – Nakanaka
  11. Could we talk a little more? – Komi
  12. Are you trying to trick me by assuming I can read minds, and thinking “you’re reading my mind”, right? – Tadano
  13. You don’t have to force it. I’m not entirely sure what you were trying to do, but when you’re with me, you don’t have to act tough – Tadano
  14. In moments like these, I think you should just smile – Tadano
  15. First of all, tell him my name…But how awkward is it to say my own name? But I have to say it – Katai
  16. No matter what I did, it was of no use. It’s like I can’t speak. ~Komi
  17. I know that understanding the atmosphere and not standing out is the key to happiness. ~Tadano
  18. But it’s not like an ordinary person like me will have anything to do with her. ~Tadano
  19. Food tastes better if you eat it with someone else ~Osana
  20. A cheerful greeting will set the course for being friends! ~Yamai

These were the best quotes from Komi Can’t Communicate anime. Hope you liked it and share it with your friends who love anime.

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