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Top 12 Quotes & Sayings From Elijah McCoy For Inspiration

Elijah McCoy was a popular Canadian-American engineer. He founded a lubrication system for the steam engines. His inventions are widely appraised. Let’s explore the best quotes from Elijah McCoy that are full of wisdom…

Best Elijah McCoy Quotes

1. Dream the impossible because dreams do come true.

2. I am too wise to woo peaceably.

3. I am everybody, and every time, I always call myself by your name.

4. I got invited to what’s called the gifting suite in Toronto. I had the day off, so I’m going to see what’s what. You come out laden with wonderful stuff. If you go to the Oscars, you get given things like Ipads. Not that I’m in it for the swag.

5. Our belief is that we can keep growing our business by collaborating with companies and educating them about equipment and filmmaking options.

6. I wanted to look at a part of a culture, specifically black culture, in a way that was not focused on comparing it or viewing it through white culture.

Wise Sayings & Captions From Elijah McCoy

7. The distance between the white and black communities can only be reduced with the help of proper education.

8. I dream that my four little children will one day live in a nation that doesn’t judge them by their skin color.

9. We have established the enormous medical entity ever conceived, and people are sicker than ever. We cure nothing! We heal nothing!

10. We still have a long way to go before reaching the promised land of freedom.

11. The whole purpose of education is to turn green buds into beautiful flowers.

12. Religion is the attempt to be in harmony with an unseen order of things.

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