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Top 12 Artistic Quotes From The Blue Period Anime

Blue Period is one of the mind-bending anime series that one can binge-watch. Blue Period features the story of Yatora Yaguchi who passionately falls for mesmerizing artwork to satisfy his heart. The anime has a beautiful essence of art, curiosity, and dreams. Let’s explore the best collection of quotes from Blue Period anime that you will love

Best Blue Period Anime Quotes

1. What you consider normal often turns out to be what makes you, you. ~Ooba Mayu

2. Going out and experiencing different things is just as important as reflecting about yourself in front of your canvas. ~Ooba Mayu

3. A work of art is finished the moment you give up on it. ~Ooba Mayu

4. If you are still bothered by what other people will think of you, then you can’t die just yet. ~Ayukawa Ryuuji

5. How good an art is; isn’t determined by techniques. Art is a language without words. ~Saeki Masako

6. Composition is just a weapon, it can’t be the theme itself. ~Yaguchi Yatora

7. My body is like a lumpy eraser with random patches of hair, it’s a lot more pitiful than I thought. ~Yaguchi Yatora

Artistic Quotes & Captions From Blue Period Anime

8. Once I’ve made up my mind, I don’t want to waste any time. ~Yatora

9. I don’t understand the beauty of a Picasso painting. Couldn’t I paint something like that? ~Yaguchi Yatora

10. You should stop if you don’t even like it, you’ll get bad health thanks to socializing. ~Ayukawa Ryuuji

11. It’s natural to have likes and dislikes… Expenses dishes doesn’t always taste the better. ~Haruka

12. Maybe I’m not talented, but I’m risking everything for now. ~Yaguchi Yatora

Final Words

These were the best quotes collection from the Blue Period Anime. We hope that you loved these quotes and encourage you to share them with your die-hard anime fans.

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