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Top 15 Deep Quotes About Dark Love To Blow Your Mind

Love is a fascinating concept. We all crave love in our life. But love can have a dark side as well. Here are the best quotes about Dark Love that will blow your mind…

Best Dark Love Quotes

1. Moments, When Lost, Can’t Be Found Again. They’re Just Gone. ~Jenny Han

 2. Let Yourself Be Drawn By The Stronger Pull Of That Which You Truly Love. ~Rumi

3. That’s What People Do Who Love You. They Put Their Arms around You and Love You When You’re Not So Lovable. ~Deb Caletti

4. If You Find Someone You Love In Your Life, Then Hang On To That Love. ~Princess Diana

5. Why Are Old Lovers Able To Become Friends? Two Reasons. They Never Truly Loved Each Other, Or They Love Each Other Still. ~Whitney Otto

6. The Best Romance Is Inside Marriage; The Finest Love Stories Come After The Wedding, Not Before. ~Irving Stone

7. There Is Love Of Course. And Then There’s Life, Its Enemy. ~Jean Anouilh
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8. Romance Is Thinking About Your Significant Other When You Are Supposed To Be Thinking About Something Else. ~Nicholas Sparks

9. The Highest Function Of Love Is That It Makes The Loved One A Unique And Irreplaceable Being. ~Tom Robbins

10. “It’s Hard Being Left Behind. (…) It’s Hard to Be the One Who Stays. ~Audrey Niffenegger

11. Do What You Love, Love What You Do, and With All Your Heart Give Yourself to It. ~Roy T. Bennett

12. I Fell In Love With Her When We Were Together, Then Fell Deeper In Love With Her In The Years We Were Apart. ~Nicholas Sparks

13. But True Love Is A Durable Fire, In The Mind Ever Burning, Never Sick, Never Old, Never Dead, From Itself Never Turning. ~Walter Raleigh

14. Love Is Metaphysical Gravity. ~R. Buckminster Fuller

15. Love Is When You Don’t Have To Be With Another Person To Touch Their Heart! ~Torquato Tasso


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