Celebrity K-Drama Quotes

Top 17 Mind-Blowing Quotes From Celebrity K-Drama

Celebrity is a South Korean Television series currently streaming on Netflix. It follows the story of Seo Ari who gets overnight social media stardom and faces the dark reality of the glamorous world.  Here are the best quotes from the Celebrity K-Drama to blow your mind…

Best Celebrity K-Drama Quotes

  1. This is me. A celeb who can do these things with a single word, the top of the tops, at that. A power influencer. ~Seo Ari
  2. Wealthy, good grades, and stylish. Everything A-ri wore, the whole school followed. ~Oh Min Hye
  3. Who calls these days? It’s all DMs now. ~Yoon Jeong Sun
  4. You need to work on your performance instead of looking into other people’s lives. ~Seo Ari
  5. That was it. ‘Get famous’. Find a famous person and use them. Become a parasite. ~Seo Ari
  6. A worthless human that tramples on others to feel their self-worth. Unaware that a human’s true self is exposed when they hit rock bottom, not when they’re climbing. ~Seo Ari
  7. You have the ability to draw attention and that’s your potential. ~CEO Ju Seung Hyeok

  8. What does it mean if a person doesn’t read my DM? Am I being ignored? Or do they not wanna talk to me? ~CEO Ju Seung Hyeok
  9. On or off, worlds full of humans are all the same. ~Seo Ari
  10. Followers. Number of people who know me and watch me. That’s what gives you power and let’s you make money. ~Seo Ari
  11. The richest of the rich seem to value sincerity more than money. Perhaps it’s because they have more than enough money. ~Yoon Si Hyeon
  12. A lot of people hated her and kept her in check because the truth is always unlikeable.  ~Yoon Si Hyeon
  13. You can’t make it alone in this world. Networking is everything. ~Angela
  14. Why is life so exhausting for some people and too easy for others? How unfair is that? ~Netizen

  15. What our choices would bring forth, no one, not one person, could know. ~Seo Ari
  16. Besides, more new things are flooding in, literally every single day. Are any of these actually necessary? ~Seo Ari
  17. People who don’t even know me and yet hate me so much. ~Seo Ari

These were the best quotes from the Celebrity K-Drama. Hope you enjoyed it and share it with your K-DRAMA Lovers.

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