Top 15 Amazing Quotes From The Reply 1994 Drama Series

Reply 1994 is a popular KDrama series to binge. This series revolves around a group of college students living in a hostel in the year 1994. Here are the best quotes from the Reply 1994 series that amaze you…

Best Reply 1994 Quotes

1. There is a time for everything. ~Samchunpo

2. Fate is damned. Fate is cruel. And Fate… is strong. Fate throws us into dilemmas, traps us in corners where we can’t do a thing, and in the bitter end, even ignores our sincere prayers. That’s how Fate is damned. That’s how Fate is cruel and strong. ~Trash

3. Do you know what’s the biggest love in the world? It’s sacrifice. ~Na Jung

4. If you have nothing to lose, you have nothing to fear. The deeper love grows, and the more you don’t want to lose it, the more your fear grows. Love feeds on fear. ~Binggeure

5. We did things that we never would have thought to do if not for love. What changes the world is love. ~Na Jung

6. There are things you can never know until you try them. That there are sights you can not see until you go places. ~Haetae

7. Effort is not seen—what people see is only the result. That’s why other people’s success might get called genius or luck. ~Chilbong

8. To every guy there is one girl you cannot touch. That’s girl name is first love. ~Na Jung

9. Farewells are sad and unfamiliar. You never get used to saying goodbye. ~Na Jung

10. Saying goodbye is sad and strange. Parting ways is never something you get used to. And if it’s a goodbye that you don’t know will be the last, even if it’s just one day’s connection, it’s still bound to leave you reeling. ~Na Jung

11. Believing in my past choices without regret and loving them—that is the right answer, and that’s how to grow old with style. ~Samchunpo

12. Living is all about the choices you make moment by moment. Even if it’s just a log bridge, you must make a choice: Do you go forward? Do you turn around, or do you stop? Where I am now is the result of countless choices made in the past. ~Samchunpo

13. Fate is how meetings are made so we’re fated to meet. ~Haetae

14. When a familiar habit, familiar daily life or familiar person becomes unfamiliar all of a sudden, it doesn’t have to be a chaotic event. It could merely be a secret signal that a new life or a new relationship is beginning. ~Na Jung

15. When everything – city and people was frightening. On that unfamiliar land, the place where we wouldn’t be outsiders was…the only place that made us feel safe was this place, my home. ~Na Jung


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