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Top 15 Mind-Blowing Quotes From The All Of Us Are Dead Series

All Of Us Are Dead is a South Korean television series. It is one of the best zombie series.  It is based on the story of a high school in South Korea where a Zombie apocalypse suddenly breaks and threatens the safety of the students.  The series has got a huge popularity and is trending on Netflix. Here are the best quotes from the All Of Us Are Dead series which will blow your mind-

Best All Of Us Are Dead Series Quotes

1. Who cares if everyone dies. This world and those bastards. ~Lee Byeong-Chan

2. Humanity has never once defeated a virus. ~Lee Byeong-Chan
All of Us Are Dead dialogues

3. Could you let your child just die? No parent in the world could do that. ~Lee Byeong-Chan

4. There are still people who like you. You have to live for them. ~Lee Cheong-Sanbest All of Us Are Dead quotes

5. The fact that we’re alive means we’re lucky. ~Ms Park

6. If you cause someone else to die, living becomes meaningless. ~Ms. Park

7. Grades aren’t important. Being healthy and safe is. ~Nam So-JuAll of Us Are Dead sayings

8. Do you know when it is the hardest for us? Right now. Because we have to save the most people, not the people most precious to us. ~Park Eun-Hee

9. The strong are ripping apart the weak. It happens all the time. ~Lee Byeong-ChanAll of Us Are Dead quote

10. We live in a system of violence. A nobody like me, can’t change the system. ~Lee Byeong-Chan

11. I warned you countless times that ignoring minor violence would result in violence taking over the world. ~Lee Byeong-chan

12. The standards of being human emasculate human nature. How are we different from a dog whose instincts to run and bark are stripped? ~Lee Byeong-Chan

13. They say when people confirm their situation is hopeless, they truly fall into despair. ~Choi Nam-Ra

14. Being logical is not necessarily being human. ~Nam On-JoAll of Us Are Dead quotes wallpaper

15. In the past there were too many lives I couldn’t save because of the protocols. ~Nam So-Ju


These were the best quotes from the All Of Us Are Dead series. Hope you liked this article and make sure to share it with your friends.

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