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Top 17 Epic Quotes From Andy Bernard Of The Office Series

Andy Bernard is one of the characters of The Office series. This character is remarkably portrayed by Ed Helms. Here are the best quotes from Andy Bernard that will make your day-

Best Andy Bernard Quotes

1. I get super flexible when I’m nervous.

2. The entire office has come down with a pernicious case of the Mondays.
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3. All right, fine. Just know that you made me do this.

4. You’re the deuce I never wanna drop.

5. If I had to put Dwight’s chances into a percentage, I would say he has none percent chance.

6. I’m always thinking one step ahead, like a carpenter that makes stairs.Andy Bernard quote

7. I am a man. I’m a bigger man than you’ll ever be! I would never sleep with another man’s fiancee!

8. There are two things I am passionate about: recycling and revenge.

9. Every little boy fantasizes about his fairytale wedding.quotes from Andy Bernard

10. I’m talking about you guys! Who in this room, right now, wants to buy some paper? Let’s get high on our own supply!

11. It’s gotta rhyme with piece. Fancy Feast! Break me off a piece of that Fancy Feast!

12. He may have won the battle, but I will win the next battle.

13. When you’re in a rock and roll band with somebody, you’re bonded for life.

14. The weird thing is now I’m exactly where I want to be. I’ve got my dream job at Cornell, and I’m still just thinking about my old pals.

15. I know a few things about love. Horrible, terrible, awful, awful things.

16. The male is a funny species. We don’t just tell each other how we feel.Andy Bernard sayings

17. I’ve been trying to act and manage this branch. Half the time, I don’t know if I’m wearing my stage makeup or my work makeup.


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