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Top 17 Mind-Blowing Quotes About Yin And Yang To Astonish You

Yin And Yang is a concept in Chinese philosophy. In the symbol of Yin-Yang, the black portion represents the Yin, whereas the white side is the Yang. Both sides contain a dot of each other, indicating that everything includes a part of its opposite. Here are the best quotes about Yin and Yang that will blow your mind-

Best Yin And Yang Quotes

1. The essence of Yin and Yang centers on the tension between two halves of a whole that are both divided and connected. ~Angellia Moore

2. Yin and Yang are the source of power and the beginning of everything in creation. ~Huang-Ti
Yin Yang sayings

3. All things carry Yin and embrace Yang. They reach harmony by blending with the vital breath. ~Laozi

4. When there is harmony, Yin balances the Yang and Yang balances the Yin. ~Brendan Kelly

5. Yin and Yang control man’s actions, and both extremes are a natural reaction. ~Ray Davies

6. There is no life without death. That is the true meaning of Yin and Yang. ~Lisa Seequotes about Yin Yang

7. Yin and Yang are the two opposites which control the universe and thus the human body. ~George Lucas

8. Within each of us lies conflicting forces—Yin and Yang, light and dark, good and evil. ~David Slack

9. Yin and Yang are equal halves that form the whole. ~Anonymous

10. The circle of life cannot be broken, since Yin and Yang cannot survive without each other. ~Anonymous

11. Yin and Yang are one vital force—the primordial aura. ~Wang YangmingYin and Yang quotes

12. Yin is moist, weak, feminine. Yang is strong, dry, masculine. ~George Lucas

13. Life is like a yin-yang. Whatever you see, whoever you meet. Every person who enters in your life has two sides; it depends on us which side we see—black or white. ~Deepak Joshi

14. Yin and Yang are the essence of all life and love. ~AnonymousYin Yang captions

15. What we are seeking is the nexus of all possible worlds and states of mind, which is within us. The source of Yin and Yang is within you. ~Frederick Lenz

16. Yin-yang is more than just a concept of opposites. It is the beginning of all things, an energy, a wholeness. ~Gary Erickson

17. In a Yang, there is always a Yin. And in a Yin, there is always a Yang. ~Larry Sang


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