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Top 15 Fantastic Quotes From Up Movie To Make Your Day

Up is one of the most popular animated movies. It features the story of an old man and a young boy who goes on an adventure in a flying house in search of Paradise Falls, the old man’s wife’s dream destination. Here are the best quotes from the Up Movie that will make your day…

Best Up Movie Quotes

1. That might sound boring, but I think the boring stuff is the stuff I remember the most. ~Russell

2. Imagine all the wonderful things that will never happen if you do not let them. ~Ellie Fredricksen

3. The wilderness must be explored! ~Russell

4. Adventure is out there! ~Charles Muntz

5. You will always be my greatest adventure. ~Carl Fredricksen
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6. Thanks for the adventure. Now go have a new one! Love, Ellie. ~Ellie Fredricksen

7. There it is. Ellie, it’s so beautiful. ~Carl Fredricksen

8. True love is hard to find. When you find it, take good care of it while you still have time. ~Carl Fredricksen

9. You don’t talk much. I like you! ~Ellie Fredricksen

10. Tell your boss over there that you boys are ruining our house. ~Carl Fredricksen

11. The wilderness isn’t quite what I expected. ~Russell

12. That’s it! You can take us there in a blimp! Swear you’ll take us. Cross your heart! Cross it! Cross your heart ~Ellie Fredricksen

13. Hey, that one looks like a turtle! Look at that one! That one looks like a dog! Aah! It is a dog! ~Russell

14. Don’t worry, Kevin. We’re on our way. ~Carl Fredricksen

15. Russell, for assisting the elderly and for performing above and beyond the call of duty, I would like to award you the highest honor I can bestow—The Ellie Badge. ~Carl Fredricksen


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