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Top 17 Amazing Quotes From Meet the Robinsons Movie

Meet the Robinsons is one of the fantastic Sci-Fi animated movies. It is based on a 12-year-old kid named Lewis who aspires to become an inventor. Here are the best quotes from the Meet the Robinsons movie to give you a dose of motivation…

Best Meet the Robinsons Quotes

1. Our hopes and dreams dashed, like so many pieces of a broken machinery thing. ~Michael Yagoobian

2. If I gave up every time I failed, I would never have invented my fireproof pants! ~Grandpa Bud Robinson

3. I’m sorry your life turned out so bad. But don’t blame me you messed it up yourself. Let go of the past and keep moving forward. ~Lewis

4. The truth will set you free. ~Wilbur Robinson

5. You just focused on the bad stuff when all you had to do was let go of the past and keep moving forward. ~Lewis

6. Everyone will tell you to let it go and move on, but don’t! Instead, let it fester and boil inside of you! Take these feelings and lock them away. Let them fuel your actions. Let hate be your ally, and you will be capable of wonderful, horrid things. Heed my words, Goob—don’t let it go. ~Michael Yagoobian

7. Take a good look around boys, because your future is about to change. ~Michael Yagoobian

8. I love baseball. It’s my destiny to play that game. And I don’t really care about winning. ~Michael Yagoobian

9. Unlocking the secrets of the brain took a lot longer than I expected. ~Lewis
Meet the Robinsons dialogues

10. Nothing says, ‘Adopt me’ like a weird invention. ~Michael Yagoobian

11. I have a date with destiny. ~Michael Yagoobian

12. It’s been a long, hard day, full of emotional turmoil and dinosaur fights. ~Wilbur Robinson

13. If my family finds out I brought you from the past, they’ll bury me alive, and dance on my grave! ~Wilbur Robinson

14. Just a little tip for the future, I am always right. Even when I’m wrong, I’m right. ~Franny Robinson

15. If I prove to you I’m from the future, will you go back to the Science Fair? ~Wilbur Robinson

16. My project didn’t work because I’m no good! ~Lewis

17. I can’t believe I was dumb enough to actually believe you were my friend! ~Lewis

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