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Top 15 Badass Quotes By Trippie Redd For A Dose Of Motivation

Trippie Redd is one of the most popular American rappers, singers, and songwriters. He has his own distinct style which sets him apart from the wave of hip-hop rappers. At a very young age, he achieved popularity and appreciation. Here are the best quotes from Trippie Redd that will astonish you…

Best Trippie Redd Quotes

1. All I do is get better.

2. You got a problem with me, pull up.

3. We a different kind, and we be on different time.

4. Music took me from a real dark place to a real bright one.
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5. Anything Drake drops is timeless. It’s always timeless, it’s always lit.

6. There is no time where I feel like I will fall off. I feel like I will always last.

7. These people don’t want me alive, no, they want to play games with my life.

8. If I live and breathe something, I might as well show everybody what I live and breathe.

9. I do stuff on my own, I think for myself, and I’ve always looked out for others.

10. Rule number one: never trust no b*tch.Trippie Redd sayings

11. I seen a lot of sh*t. I went through a lot of sh*t.

12. One thing I’m not going to do is change up anything. Like, I’m always gonna be me.

13. I don’t really got no ultimate goal. I just wanna improve and get better.

14. I can waste your time or I can change your life, I said now.

15. Change is okay in every aspect because of these artists.


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