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Top 25 Inspirational Quotes From Bad Bunny That Are Melodious

Bad Bunny is one of the most popular rappers and singers. He got popular with his Song ‘Diles‘ in the year 2016 and signed a deal with Hear This Music. Here are the best quotes from Bad Bunny to give you a melody to your life…

Best Bad Bunny Quotes

1. If I have a platform and a voice, I should use it for my people.

2. Money does not change people, people change.

3. Everyone has been in love, at some point or another.

4. What keeps me motivated is love and passion.

5. Music has the power to inspire the world.
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6. Latin music is universal.

7. We need to try to unite audiences, unite countries, join musical tastes, unite people.

8. The world can criticize me, but l can always criticize it back.

9. The fame isn’t important to me. It’s a blessing to have. Having so many people that support me, that love me and listen to my music, is beautiful.

10. Fashion is one thing, but style is another.

11. My goal in music is to create nostalgic moments.

12. A good song never gets old.

13. Some people are making music just for numbers and views.

14. Reggaeton is a global genre.

15. If a small-town boy like me who bagged groceries was able to make his dreams come true, you can too.

16. Dreamers, keep on dreaming and keep working hard to achieve your goals.Bad Bunny sayings

17. There are many difficulties, but what matters is to stay focused and have perseverance.

18. Simple goes a long way.

19. Sometimes nothing is happening and all that disaster just happens in your mind.

20. There are times that I like to be sad.

21. Education is important because it prepares you for life.

22. Music belongs to the people.Bad Bunny lines

23. When someone teaches you something new, you never forget that person.

24. My style influences my music and everything around me.

25. We’re making the music that the people are asking us for.

These were the best quotes from Bad Bunny. Hope you liked this article and make sure to share it with your friends.

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