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Top 25 Epic Disco Elysium Quotes For All Pro Gamers

Disco Elysium is a popular Role-playing game that involves a lot of detective aspects rather unlike most RPGs that involve combat. It has a dialogue-heavy mechanism. Here are the best quotes from the Disco Elysium game that will motivate your inner pro player…

Best Disco Elysium Quotes

  1. We’re all untethered from reality. It’s what the drink is for.
  2. I have vices so I can climb back to the reality, shake off the cobwebs, and solve this case.
  3. I can’t do it. I can’t solve the case. I just need to lie down.
  4. The night is always darkest before the dawn.
  5. This is death. One more door, baby. One more door.
  6. Mistakes are forgiven when men at least try to right their wrongs.

  7. The city does not care if you live or die. It is inorganic, inhuman, and it is not waiting for you to fall.
  8. There’s nothing. Nothing but the death blow to the heart.
  9. Ever tried to outdrink your memories? It doesn’t work.
  10. A mirror hangs on the bathroom wall. It is splattered with ancient toothpaste streaks. Streaks of toothpaste like waves in the seascape.

  11. This is somewhere to be. This is all you have, but it’s still something. Streets and sodium lights. The sky, the world. You’re still alive.
  12. The world is still there.
  13. For you, it’s always last night. For me, it’s always the morning after.
  14. There’s only one solution to this: you’re a businessman, because you’re fundamentally right-wing.
  15. You were just doing your duty.
  16. It’s better to know you’re being played than to be played without knowing it, is it not?
  17. Isn’t it… evil? The order of magnitude between what is asked of a person – and what they have?
  18. My mind is like a bombed-out building.
  19. I don’t think we can solve the case, I just want to clean up after it, limit the damage.
  20. You’re a joke to it, to the city. A bad joke.
  21. I need you to take this radio and tune it to a precise frequency. Then, report back.
  22. You were born as a joke. It’s time to wake up and face the music.

  23. Welcome to Revachol!
  24. We are all mad here.
  25. The future teaches you to be alone. The present to be afraid and cold.

These were the best quotes from the Disco Elysium game. Hope you enjoyed these quotes and share it with your pro gamer friends.

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