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Top 30 Amazing Quotes From The Spy x Family Anime

Spy × Family is a very popular anime series. It follows the story of a spy who has a family built together and is on a mission to save the world. Let’s explore the best quotes from the Spy X Family anime that you would love and find elegant…

Best Spy x Family Quotes

1. Hopes of marriage? The joys of an ordinary life? Those joined my I.D. papers in the rubbish bin on the day I became a spy. ~Loid Forger

2. If you leave me behind, I’m going to cry. ~Anya Forger

3. I have to hide my power too. If he finds out I can read minds… I’ll have to run away. ~Anya Forger

4. A spy… an assassin… this is so exciting! Waku Waku! ~Anya Forger

Spy x Family Quotes

5. Be it for someone else, or for a specific reason, having to endure a merciless job, requires dedication. ~Loid Forger

6. It’s not so easy to get things right with favorable conditions. ~Loid ForgerSpy X Family captions

7. Unlike you, I love my family. I love my sister. And I will do whatever it takes to protect this country that she lives in. ~Yuri Briar

Inspiring Quotes From The Spy X Family Anime

8. Elegance is at the root of tradition. Elegance is what will bring about a better world. ~Henry Henderson

9. I’m honestly content as long as I get to keep this job. ~Yor Forger

10. When it comes to homemaking, cleaning is the only thing I can do. ~Yor Forger

11. Papa is the world biggest liar. But… he’s the coolest liar! ~Anya Forger

12. To endure such a harsh job… for the sake of another, for the sake of something greater than oneself… That isn’t something that just anyone would do. I truly admire that. ~Loid Forger

13. Having to perform all the time…it can be completely exhausting. ~Loid Forger

14. Just do the best you can with what’s within your power. ~Henry Henderson

15. Humans are so superficial. It’s like they can’t see beneath the surface. ~Becky Blackbell

16. It’s a terrible idea to date a woman while deceiving her ~Loid Forger

17. Children are so curiously observant at times. ~Loid Forger

18. Gimme back the excitement I wasted! ~Anya Forger

19. Can you even imagine how it feels for me to have the most important person in my life suddenly taken from me by some guy who appeared out of thin air? ~Yuri Briar

Dialogues & Captions From Spy X Family About Life

20. In order to protect my job and happiness, I must make sure she never finds out about this. ~Yuri Briar

21. I want Anya to enjoy going to school. ~Yor Forger

22. To be honest, I don’t understand what she doesn’t understand. ~Loid Forger

23. Why is it that I’m at a loss for words whenever she’s in front of me? ~Damian Desmond

24. If I don’t apologize to the second son, the peace will be disturbed! ~Anya Forger

25. It’s more constructive to use my thoughts on future measures than to drag out a mistake. ~Loid Forger

26. There is no point to worrying about the past. ~Loid Forger

27. Anya’s sorry she s*cks at school. ~Anya Forger

28. Even if I can’t be like a normal mother, I’ll do my best with everything I can do! ~Yor

29. Spies don’t believe in anyone other than themselves. ~Loid Forger

30. Children learn from their parent’s example. ~Housemaster Henry Henderson

The Final Words

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