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Top 13 Mind-Bending Quotes From Oshi no Ko Anime Series

Oshi no Ko is an anime series released in the year 2023. The plot of the Oshi No Ko anime series is just mind-bending and it’s a worth-watching anime series. Here are the best quotes from the Oshi no Ko anime series…

Best Oshi no Ko Quotes

1. I don’t have a family, you see. I always longed for one. I’m carrying twins, right? I’m sure our family will be a cheerful and fun one! ~Ai Hoshino

2. To me, lies are love. And in my own way, I thought I was expressing love. ~Ai Hoshino

3. Piling on lie after lie, we look happy as we sing on stage no matter what struggles we might face. What a fun job! ~Ai Hoshino

4. Lies are the most exquisite love! ~Ai Hoshino

5. If you’re scared of falling over, you’ll just fall even more. ~Ai Hoshino
Oshi no Ko dialogues

6. I’m already here, so I might as well go out with a bang. ~Aquamarine Hoshino

7. It’s no good to hold onto goals that are beyond your means. ~Aquamarine Hoshino

8. I’m not so foolish as to take on a reckless gamble. ~Kana Arima

9. In this world shrouded in darkness, I learned there was someone who’d been struggling along with me. That alone is enough. ~Kana Arima

10. Don’t shy away just ’cause you’ve had a setback or two. ~Taishi Gotanda

11. Every single person has the right to dream. After all, you can’t win the lottery if you don’t buy a ticket. ~Taishi Gotanda

12. Reading someone’s intentions is one part of communication skills. ~Taishi Gotanda

13. It’s fine to dream of the entertainment industry, but it’s best not to have illusions about the entertainment industry. ~Taishi Gotanda

These were the best quotes from Oshi No Ko anime. Hope you liked this article and make sure to share it with die-hard fans of Anime.

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