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Top 15 Best SPM Quotes For Motivation-Booster

SPM is one of the renowned rappers. His real name is Carlos Coy but his professional name is SPM. He was arrested for selling drugs at an early age. After releasing from prison he started his career in music. His first album was ‘Hillwood’. Let’s explore the best collection of quotes from SPM that are worth noting…

Best SPM Quotes

1. In the devilish world you my only angel.

2. Where would I be without you? I know I wouldn’t be rappin into soundproof, I know I wouldn’t be pushin a Benz Id probably be gettin transferred, to different pens.

3. Why when Im not high does my life. Feel like its missing something I know that I must be high, So that I can function.

4. My gun is hot, my heart is cold.

5. You take the breath from me, make my life heavenly. I can’t believe the way the good Lord is blessing me.

6. The pigeons, sometimes make you worry. But I can see, you know my vision ain’t blurry.

7. I use my three wishes, I’m very superstitious. No matter where I go I meet a bunch of horny bitches

Best SPM Quotes And Line About Life

8. I’m a lone star rider, I ride alone.

9. I fight for the ones who standing in prison.

10. I’m a member of the club who never had no dad.

11. No sympathy in the streets, it’s either him or me.

12. Nothing too fancy just your average tombstone

13. It’s hard to stay alive when you’re brown and gifted.

14. They must be getting bonuses for locking up my kind.

15. The game will begin when the first man shoots

Final Words

These were the compiled collection of quotes from SPM. He had a difficult life and managed to overcome all of it and become one of the most successful rappers.

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