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Top 20 Thrilling Initial D Quotes For Street Racing Lovers

In the world of street racing, cars, drift, and speed are the things that people find amusing. Initial D is one of the high-octane anime that features these aspects. The anime explores the world of street racing and is one of the best street racing anime series. Get ready to witness the high-octane quotes from the Initial D Anime series to ignite your adrenaline

Best Initial D Quotes

1. Driving technique is not something you can obtain in a few days. ~Bunta Fujiwara

2. That 86 is one aggressive piece on the road. It was some kind of kamikaze technique! This guy’s got no fear! ~Announcer

3. If it has four wheels and it runs, it’s a car. ~Takumi Fujiwara

4. No matter how fast the car in front runs, they are not going to fly. Both are cars, both have 4 tires. So since they can turn at a corner, I can also turn at the same speed. ~Takumi Fujiwara

5. No matter how strong the pain is, it’s our duty to move forward. You’re wrong for running away from reality. ~Ryosuke Takahashi

6. The key to downhill success isn’t power, it’s balance. ~Ryosuke Takahashi

7. I almost don’t even care who wins or loses just as long as the fight’s a good one. ~Koichiro Iketani

Initial D Captions & Sayings About Racing

8. Racing is about adapting. In any situation, Believe your instincts. Trust your Experience. ~Bunta Fujiwara

9. Just remember, Myogi has a driver named Takeshi Nakazato. I’ll show you that scrap heap’s no match for a GT-R! ~Takashi Nakazato

10. If we race, and we will, I will not lose to you! That I swear! ~Wataru Akiyama

11. The One With The Stronger Heart, Always Wins the Battle! ~Wataru Akiyama

12. You have strong luck, but how long will it last? ~Hojo Rin

13. If you aren’t continuously looking up and putting in the effort, you can’t reach the next level. ~Toshiya Joushima

Initial D Dialogues To Boost Your Adrenaline

14. There will only be one round. If you manage to get away, you win. But I won’t let you. ~Hojo Rin

15. No matter how much skill you have, it’s difficult to maintain it once you have decided that you’re good enough. ~Toshiya Joushima

16. Life is the same as when you’re driving…sometimes you go faster by letting go of the accelerator… ~Shuichi Fumihiro

17. If you like to drive a car, that’s enough to be called a Street Racer. If you’re a Street Racer, you should have pride in the technique you have learned. If someone challenges you, you accept it. That’s the pride of a Street Racer. ~Keisuke Takahashi

18. If it has all four tires and gets you from point A to point B then it’s a car. ~Takumi Fujiwara

19. Looks like your ordinary piece of crap from the outside, but whoever’s behind the wheel is a demon. ~Keisuke Takashi

20. It’s risky and I bet that kid’s the only one who can do it. Believe me. You won’t that trick anywhere but Mt. Akina. Probably because this is the only place you can find a driver that stupid. ~Takashi Nakazato

Final Words

These were the best top-notch quotes from the Initial D Anime. We hope that these boosted your adrenaline and encourage you to share it with die-hard fans of the Initial D Anime.

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