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Top 12 Impactful Quotes From Society Of The Snow Movie

Society Of The Snow is one of the top-notch survival movies that one can stream on the Netflix platform. The movie has received many positive reviews and is a must-watch movie. Let’s explore the best quotes from the Society Of The Snow film that are top-notch…

Best Society Of The Snow Quotes

1. We huddle together the best we can. Living and dead, as one. ~Numa Turcatti

2. If the plane crash didn’t kill us, the cold will. ~Numa Turcatti

3. The more we try to get out, the more the mountain resists. ~Numa Turcatti

4. Those of us who don’t eat keep watching the sky. Waiting for a sign. ~Numa Turcatti

5. This is a place where life is impossible. Out here, we are an anomaly. ~Numa Turcatti

6. The only thing we have left is our life. And we have to fight for it. ~Marcelo

7. Today is October 30th. Today is my birthday. I’m turning 25. Today it’s hard not to think of home. ~Numa Turcatti

Mind Bending Society Of The Snow Dialogues

8. What was once unthinkable became a routine. ~Numa Turcatti

9. There is no greater love than to give one’s life for friends. ~Numa Turcatti

10. Keep taking care of each other. And tell everyone what we did on the mountain. ~Numa Turcatti

11. But they don’t feel like heroes. Because they were dead like us, and only they got to come back home. ~Numa Turcatti

12. Cause my faith isn’t in your God. Because that God tells me what I’m supposed to do at home. But he doesn’t tell me what to do on the mountain. ~Arturo

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