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Top 12 Awesome Quotes From Wonka Movie 2023

Wonka is one of the most recent delightful releases in December 2023. It is a musical fantasy movie based on a character taken from a novel. Let us explore the best quotes from the Wonka 2023 movie that you will love…

Best Wonka Movie 2023 Quotes

1. If you thought the chocolate was weird, you’re gonna hate what happens next. -Willy Wonka

2. Double huh! That’s not nothing. That’s a silver lining. -Willy Wonka

3. Cockle warming costs extra. -Mrs. Scrubitt

4. I’m something of a magician, inventor and chocolate maker. -Willy Wonka

5. I’ve spent the last seven years traveling the world, perfecting my craft. -Willy Wonka

6. Quiet up and listen down. Nope scratch that, reverse it. -Wonka

Awesome Wonka Movie Dialogues

7. Mark my words, this is going to be the greatest chocolate shop the world has ever seen. -Willy Wonka

8. I pinky promise. That’s the most solemn vow there is. -Wonka

9. The greedy hurt the needy. That’s the way of the world. -Noodle

10. The secret is…it’s not the chocolate that matters. It’s the people you share it with. -Willy’s mom

11. You should stand up to those bullies. Give them the old one-two. That’s what an Oompa Loompa would do. -Oompa Loompa

12. You sure can be silly, Willy. -Noodle

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