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Top 10 Amazing Quotes From The Silver Linings Playbook

Silver Linings Playbook is a popular American Romantic comedy-drama movie released in the year 2012. It is based on the novel of the same name written by Matthew Quick. Here are the best quotes from the Silver Linings Playbook movie to astonish you…

Best Silver Linings Playbook Quotes

1. I’m ready! I’m motivated, I don’t feel so angry all the time. ~Pat

2. I haven’t dated since before my marriage so I don’t really remember how this works. ~Tiffany

3. I saw the way you were looking at me, Pat. You felt it, I felt it, don’t lie. ~Tiffany

4. Humanity is just nasty and there’s no silver lining. ~Tiffany

5. I hate my illness and I want to control it. ~Pat

6. I do this! Time after time after time! I do all this sh*t for other people! And then I wake up and I’m empty! I have nothing! ~Tiffany

7. We have a very unconventional chemistry, it makes people feel awkward, but not me. ~Pat
Silver Linings Playbook dialogues

8. When life reaches out with a moment like this, it is a sin if you don’t reach back. ~Pat Sr.

9. I think we so often get caught in this state of negativity, and it’s a poison like nothing else. ~Pat

10. The only way to beat my crazy was by doing something even crazier. Thank you. I love you. I knew it from the moment I saw you. I’m sorry it took me so long to catch up. ~Pat


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