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Top 25 Awesome Quotes From Samurai Jack For Motivation

Samurai Jack is an American Animated series with action and adventure. Jack is a samurai who as a Katana sets the kingdom free from evil and a demon named Aku. Let’s explore the best quotes from Samurai Jack that are worth checking…

Best Samurai Jack Quotes

1. It’s no use. No one can fight like this!

2. I have seen Aku implement these atrocities before, but no more. Even dogs should not be forced to live like dogs.

3. I humbly request your permission to use this great power.

4. I  hear that often. But only from poor men.

5. That voice beckons me further in. Surely he takes me for a fool to follow deeper into his traps.

6. We are in no condition to fight these odds.

7. No matter what form you take, Aku, you will never defeat the side of righteousness.

Samurai Jack captions

8. You were prepared for sacrifice. I was not.

9. They call me Jack. The creatures of this mystical land have guided me here. Is this the passage through time that I have quested for?

10. Grandmaster, I am the pupil of Master Chu.

11. The arrow relies on the bow, and the bow relies on the arrow, but they are not tied together.

12. It is what the people of this land have named me.

13. Looks like there’ll be no money for you, crazy round man.

14. Enough of this pointless battle. I will continue to fight you no more.

15. I am not defeated, and I will hold my ground.

Epic Lines And Captions From Samurai Jack

16. Your word play will not trick me, villain!

17. …My time in this land has made me harsh and rude. I did not mean to insult you.

18. You have been pawns of Aku’s scheme, but now you are free. Return to your homes, and never dance to this evil beat again!

19. Aku! Truly his evil has spread to even the youngest of souls.

20. Clever how you people use this beast for travel.

21. Music maker man, your beats are bad.

22. You are my inner demon. You have been born from the hatred within me. But now, the hatred is no more. Thus, you do not exist.

23. Do not worry, I have only begun to fight!

24. Guardian, by what right do you deny me?

25. In every age, in every time, I’ve always found a way to return.

Final Words

These were the best quotes from Samurai Jack. We hope you enjoyed this quotes collection.

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