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Top 10 Motivational Quotes From Lil Boosie To Stun You

Lil Boosie is an American rapper. His real name is Torrence Ivy Hatch Jr. He is one of the popular Southern Hip-hop artists. Here are the best quotes from the Lil Boosie for a dose of motivation.

1. I sell out arenas now. I’m a stadium guy.

2. Listen to realness in my music before you judge me.

3. Everybody should have health care.

4. A lot of people in my era didn’t grow up on 2Pac; they grew up on me.

5. I don’t hold my tongue for nobody

6. A lot of people live by telling lies. I live by telling the truth.

7. Sometimes you’ve got to break the rules to make money; that’s just plain and simple.

8. A lot of people were trying to take my life as far as, you know, in the court system.

9. Once you learn from your mistakes and you tighten up your hustle, and you know your business, you get rich. That’s basically true with anything.

10.I never know what the future holds, so I’m just going to make all the power moves. I can ride that wave of success and accomplish everything I’m supposed to accomplish. I never set no limits for myself.

These were the best quotes from Lil Boosie. Hope you enjoyed these quotes and make sure to share it with your friends.

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