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Top 20 Mind Bending Quotes From The Katara To Stun You

Katara is one of the popular characters from Avatar- The Last Airbender which is a popular animated movie. She is a skilled water bender, compassionate, and determined woman. Let us check out the best quotes from the Katara that will amaze your mind…

Best Katara Quotes

1. Being part of the group also means being part of group hugs.

2. I wanted to take out all of my anger on Yon Rha. But I couldn’t. I don’t know if it’s because I’m too weak… or if because I’m strong enough not to.

3. Appa is not too noticeable.

4. You can’t knock me down!

5. My heart is so full of hope that it’s making me tear-bend!

6. We’re getting out of this desert, and we’re gonna do it together. Aang, get up. Everybody, hold hands. We can do this! We have to.

7. I will never, ever turn my back on people who need me!

8. We’ve been through so many things together, and I’ve seen you grow up so much. You’re not that little goofy kid I found in the iceberg anymore. I guess, what I’m trying to say is… I’m really proud of you.

9. Stealing is wrong… unless it’s from pirates!

10. Love is brightest in the dark.

11. Sokka, wait! You shouldn’t be eating strange plants!

12. There’s always a right way to do things.

13. Sokka, you’re supposed to put the tarp on top of the tent. You know, so we don’t get rained on?

14. But now you’re not letting yourself feel anything. I know sometimes it hurts more to hope and it hurts more to care. But you have to promise me that you won’t stop caring.

15. The strength of your heart makes you who you are.

16. The stars sure are beautiful tonight. Too bad you can’t see them, Toph.

17. It’s not brave, it’s selfish and stupid! We could be helping him, and I know the world needs him but doesn’t he know how much that we need him too? How could he just leave us behind?

18. And this is the moment that Katara’s badass upgrade begins.

19. You make a fine octopus, Pupil Aang.

20. I know. I wanted to show you I’m not so motherly. That I can have fun too.

These were the best quotes from Katara. Hope you enjoyed these quotes and make sure to share it with your friends.

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