How Can You Pass IBPS Exam

How To Pass Your IBPS Exam? A Step By Step Guide

The process of preparing for IBPS is not just about studying all day long, but getting through IBPS bank exams is about having a positive attitude, positive strategies, and practicing as often as possible. Every candidate may think that how can you pass the IBPS exam. Being successful at IBPS involves smarter work rather than hard work. You can be sure that if you work at least 20 hours per week between 20 and 25 weeks, you’re in good shape.

Candidates should note that the number of applicants for the various IBPS examinations is extensive. Therefore, a week to the IBPS exam is significantly lower. Passing the exam isn’t difficult, and good study centers will give you some tips to pass the IBPS exam.

The Study Plan

Suppose the span of preparation has to be divided into seven days each week. In that case, the method allocates various sections of time per day and focuses on an amount of time for preparation. This is crucial for students who are working on their own at home. Videos are more interactive and enjoyable and can be easily accessed on the internet. Referring to them can help students learn and comprehend the concepts from the beginning. 2.5 to 3 hours of self-study each day is enough.

This is the best method to go over the entire syllabus. Every section and all the important subjects are to take practice tests following the current bank IBPS exam format. The marks in the final exam will aid candidates in understanding the areas that require more practice. Because there is a negative scoring of 0.25 marks for each section, students should improve their solving. Candidates should practice such an approach that ensures that they can solve questions quickly and solve them effectively.

The majority of subjects that concern Reasoning, Quantitative Aptitude, and Data Interpretation are interconnected. Therefore, it is essential to make notes that include all of the necessary formulas, shortcuts, and other important information at one location.

Another aspect to be taken into consideration is the management of time. Each section of IBPS examinations has a specific duration. Therefore, applicants must make sure that they are using smaller tricks and formulas to answer the question correctly and quickly.


The IBPS Clerk mock test 2022 series is a copy of the original layout. They are designed with care, considering the new syllabus or format (if any). The weighting of marks and the difficulty levels are as same as the original exam. There are many other aspects that students will encounter in the actual test. It is not just possible for candidates to take the test at their convenience and their own pace, but they can develop a plan of action and prepare for the test confidently after analyzing their strengths and weak points.


If it’s in the form of an online test series or a book, IBPS Clerk mock test 2022 series are a component of the entire set of tests required for the competitive preparation of tests. The mistakes you make in the exam could affect your professional career. However, mistakes made in a mock test can serve as a way to look at your practice. Knowing what you are good at and weak in will help you strategize how to prepare better for your test.


In this way, you can easily pass the IBPS exam. We wish you the best wishes for your exam.

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