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Top 15 Powerful Quotes From The Ghost of Tsushima Game

Ghost of Tsushima is one of the popular action-adventure games. The gamer plays the role of Jin Sakai, a samurai on a journey to protect Tsushima Island during the first Mongol invasion of Japan. Let’s explore the best quotes collection from the Ghost of Tsushima game that you would love… 

Best Ghost of Tsushima Quotes

1. Desperation Can Bring Out The Demon In The Best Of Men. ~Jin Sakai

2. Honor Died On The Beach! ~Jin Sakai

3. I Am Not Your Son. I Am The Ghost. ~Jin Sakai

4. Careful Temuge, You Can’t Get Khotun’s Reward If You’re Dead. ~Jin Sakai

5. Do You Wanna Know How I Was Prepared For Today? I Learned. I Know Your Language. Your Traditions. Your Beliefs. Which Village To Tame And Which To Burn. ~Khatun Khan

6. We End This, Together. ~Lord Shimura

7. You Have No Honor, And You Are A Slave To It. ~Lord Shimura

Motivational Captions And Lines From Ghost of Tsushima

8. I Trained You To Fight With Honor! ~Lord Shimura

9. The Strength We Need Is All Around Us. ~Yuriko

10. The Proud Do Not Endure. The Greatest Of Us Fall In The End. ~Yuriko

11. Only A Child Expects Perfection Of His Elders. ~Sensei Ishikawa

12. But We’re All Killers. ~Sensei Ishikawa

13. My Horse Died So I Fed It To My Brothers. ~Khatun Khan

14. I Will Make Sure You Are Remembered, As A Great Warrior… A Wise Leader… And A Father. ~Jin Sakai

15. A Samurai Knows How To Apply The Right Amount Of Force – Too Little, And You Lose Respect, Too Much And You Lose Opportunity. ~Lord Shimura

Final Words

These were the best quotes from the Ghost of Tsushima game. We hope you love these quotes and share them with your gamer friends.

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