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Top 10 Badass Quotes From Makima Of Chainsaw Man

Makima is one of the overpowered characters from the Chainsaw Man Anime. The powers showcased in the anime of Makima are just mind-bending. Let’s explore the best-overpowered quotes from Makima that you would love to explore…

Best Makima Quotes

1. I can tell who’s possessed with a look at their face.

2. I only enjoy the company of cats. I hate humans. It’s not a matter of personal grievance. My hatred is almost like a demonic instinct.

3. All devils are born with names. And the more those names are feared, the more powerful the devil is said to become.

4. Human jokes leave much to be desired.

5. A meal is better when you get to relax.

Dialogues & Captions From Makima

6. When you talk about “necessary evil,” you’re using that term to justify the evil acts you commit. Society doesn’t need your excuses. It’s not a true necessary evil unless the nation itself is holding the leash and maintaining control.

7. We’ll be working together until death do us apart.

8. Only answer with “Yes” or “Woof”, I don’t need a dog who says “No”.

9. Naughty things feel better the more you know your partner.

10. I wish to use the Chainsaw Man in order to create a better world.

Final Words

These were the best quotes from Makima. We hope you loved these quotes and share them with the Chainsaw Man Anime lovers.

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