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Top 12 Quotes About Gaslighting To Blow Your Mind

Gaslighting is an attempt by someone else to exert power over you. This can happen in any type of relationship with family, friends, or anyone. Here are the best quotes about gaslighting that will blow your mind-

Best Gaslighting Quotes

1. Gaslighting is a distorted alternate reality. ~Tracy Malone

2. Gaslighting is an attempt to change the truth. ~Tracy Malone
quotes about Gaslighting

3. Gaslighting: An emotional abuse to burn your sanity. ~Unknown

4. The purpose of gaslighting is to manipulate you into doubting yourself. ~Unknown

5. Gaslighting is confusing because they switch to intermittent concern. ~Tracy MaloneGaslighting sayings

6. You always jump to the wrong conclusion. ~Unknown

7. Don’t fight hate with hate” is an example of subtle gaslighting. ~Unknown

8. Gaslighting is a form of covert abuse designed to keep you in a fog and slowly strip away your self-esteem. ~Unknown

9. Gaslighting is the systematic attempt by one person to erode another person’s reality by telling them that what they are experiencing isn’t so — and, the gradual giving up on the part of the other person. ~Robin Stern

10. It’s OK to get gaslighted once in a while; that’s how you learn to burn brighter without guile. ~Philusufar

11. Whenever someone is not seeing, accepting, owning and expressing their actual personal truth, it will automatically become a gaslighting situation. ~Teal Swan

12. It starts with a lie. Each day the lies amplify. Time goes by, the lies turn to gaslighting. Eventually, the lies become smears about you. ~Tracy Malone


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