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Top 12 Astonishing Quotes From The Fire Force Anime Series

Fire Force is  Japanese manga and anime series. The anime series was licensed by Funimation. Here are the best quotes from the Fire Force anime series to astonish you…

Best Fire Force Quotes

1. The luminous blue stripes that ring our bodies are the ties that bind friends together in the world of flame and smoke. Never break them. ~Akitaru Obi

2. Having a sense of fear allows you to make cool-headed decisions. Just… don’t chicken out because of it. ~Akitaru Obi

3. We’ll never know unless I try. ~Shinra Kusakabe

4. I smile whenever I feel tense. ~Shinra Kusakabe

5. Heroes always arrive from the skies. ~Shinra Kusakabe
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6. Everyone is equal before the round table. Don’t sweat it. ~Arthur Boyle

7. I will get back up as often as it takes, and each time, I won’t be beaten. ~Shinra Kusakabe

8. Sometimes you see things, by closing your eyes. ~Arthur Boyle

9. If you pray with all your heart, you can find comfort, and people have been saved by it. ~Iris

10. Exploiting and outsmarting others for your own success, and looking down on the foolish slugs from above. What you see from up there is Impotent gravel! ~Hibana

11. You do know, don’t you, that there is no God, let alone heroes in this world? ~Hibana

12. In this world, you either burn or get burned. Go ahead and pray to the God of salvation you favor so much. ~Hibana

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