How Paceline Makes Money

How Paceline Makes Money? Decoding It’s Revenue Model

Paceline is one of the most renowned applications for fitness enthusiasts. It is one of the health and wellness applications. The members of the Paceline application earn rewards for using it.

The app was launched in the year 2019 and has achieved a milestone of 500,000+ users.

You might wonder How Paceline makes money? Let us decode the revenue model of the Paceline Application as follows

Details About Paceline App

Paceline is an application that provides the utility to earn rewards for fitness lovers. It gives rewards to the users who achieve a target of 150 minutes of elevated heart rate per week. In simple words, it acts as a motivator for your health and wellness and gives you rewards from different companies.

It doesn’t directly provide you with actual cash but provides discounts and & offers. When you maintain your fitness streak the new rewards keep on unlocking. The only thing that matters is you must be active.

Apart from these benefits, Paceline users are also applicable to apply for a credit card that can help users to get benefits of 5% on the applicable and qualifying purchases.

Paceline was founded in the year 2019 by Joel Lieginger. The headquarters of the company is located in San Francisco, California.

How Paceline Makes Money?

For any business to grow and sustain it is important to have a proper revenue model. Paceline has numerous methods through which it earns money and maintains a steady flow of revenue. Let us check out the revenue source through which the Paceline app makes money as follows-

1. Advertisements

The major and primary source of revenue for Paceline is through advertisements. The major targeted audience of the company is the health and wellness industry. Hence the brands of the related industry advertise through various partnerships deals and add up to a major chunk of revenue to Paceline company.

The partnerships come up through various deals, offers, cashback, and much more. Paceline promotes it to the customer which helps the other brands to leverage it.

2. Paceline Card (Annual Fees & Interchange Fees)

One of the sources of revenue for the Paceline apps is charging a fee on the platform for the PACELINE card. It has an annual fee and interchange fee that contributes to the revenue. This fee is generally imposed on both merchants as well as consumers.

The interchange fee is paid by merchants in a range of 1.5% to 3% on the transaction value + 0.10$ fixed fee. The portion from this revenue also goes to Visa, Evolve Bank & Trust as they are the issuer of the card.

An annual fee of 60$ is charged to customers to use Paceline cards in order to get cashback and rewards in the ecosystem of their model. Even it might earn a late payment interest as well for the one who fails to pay credit interest on time.

This revenue model is a major source of income providers to the Paceline app.

Paceline Revenue & Valuation

Paceline is one of the companies that has investors like Acrew Capital, Montage Ventures. Propel VC and various others.

The Paceline company is a private company and its detail about revenue and valuation isn’t disclosed by the company publicly. Since they are not obligated to disclose being a private company.


Paceline is one of the popular apps for the health and wellness industry. One must definitely use it consistently. Major revenue sources of the Paceline app are advertisements, fees & charges, partnerships, credit card models, and various other sources. Hence this was everything about how Paceline makes money and decoded its business model.



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