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Top 15 Inspirational Quotes From The Castlevania Series

Castlevania is an American adult dark animated series on Netflix. It has amazing animation, characters, story, and dialogues. It is based on the story of Trevor Belmont who is on his quest to stop the vampire Lord Dracula whose aim is to destroy humanity. Here are the best inspirational quotes from the Castlevania series which will blow your mind-

Best Castlevania Series Quotes

1. Death in the dream world will send your souls wandering through all eternity. ~Alucard
Castlevania sayings

2. It is not dying that frightens us. It’s living without ever having done our best. ~Elder

3. History is a living thing. Paper is dead. ~Elder

4. For evil bastards to win power, all ordinary people have to do is stand aside and keep quiet. ~Trevor BelmontTrevor Belmont Quotes

5. Killing you was the point. Living through it was just a luxury. ~Trevor Belmont

6. But you must always remember that the only thing necessary for evil to triumph is for good men to do nothing. ~Alucard

7. Do not hate humans. If you cannot live with them, then at least do them no harm. For theirs is already a hard lot. ~Alucard

8. You’ve spent your entire adult life being hated by everyone you met and you were fine with that. You even liked it. ~Trevor Belmont

9. We know the stories, but sometimes it’s hard to separate fact from truth. ~Sypha

10. Freedom is always sacrificed to faith, good hunter. Or are you truly here by choice? ~DraculaCastlevania Quote

11. If you don’t have your own story, you become part of someone else’s. ~Captain

12. The whole world’s gone crazy. ~Trevor Belmont

13. We need to stop reacting and start acting. ~Trevor BelmontCastlevania dialogues

14. We are all, in the end… slaves to our families’ wishes. ~Alucard

15. It’s a cruel world. Maybe we do all deserve to die. But maybe we could be better, too. If you kill us all, you end human cruelty, yes. But you end human kindness, too. ~Captain

These were the best quotes from the Castlevania series. Hope you liked these quotes and make sure to share it with die-hard fans of Anime.

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