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Top 17 Best Quotes About Cactus That Will Blow Your Mind

The Cactus is one of the most wonderful plants in nature. It may look ugly and dangerous from the outside but gentle from the inside and stores water in the desert area tolerating high heat. Here are the best quotes about Cactus that will blow your mind-

Best Cactus Quotes

1. Reach for the stars, even if you have to stand on a cactus. ~Anonymous

2. Life is like a cactus. Thorny, but beautiful. ~Anonymous
cactus quote

3. Advice from a cactus: emphasize your strong points, be patient during the dry spells, you will bloom when it is your time, always stay sharp. ~Anonymous

4. A cactus is a desert’s rose. ~Matshona Dhliwayo

5. Cactus teaches us that every beautiful thing has a drawback, nothing is perfect. ~Anonymous

6. Be like a Cactus, tough from out and soft from inside. ~Anonymous quotes about cactus

7. In a world full of flowers, be a cactus. ~Kul Bhushan Negi

8. The cactus is the heart of the desert. ~Anonymous

9. A cactus doesn’t live in the desert because it likes the desert; it lives there because the desert hasn’t killed it yet. ~Hope Jahren

10. If seeds waited for perfect conditions to grow, there would be no plants in the desert. ~Matshona Dhliwayo

11. Adolescence is like cactus. ~Anais Nincactus captions

12. If one can see beauty in the strength of how a cactus blooms in the desert. They would see beauty in the thorns it displays. ~Reena Sharma

13. A cactus will bloom at night to conserve water and energy. You don’t need to bloom when everyone is watching. Bloom when you are ready. ~Anonymous

14. Be like a cactus, that can survive in the midst of impossibility. ~Anonymouscactus sayings

15. The desert works constantly to forbid it, and still the cactus blooms. ~Uma Gokhale

16. Bloom where you are planted. ~Anonymous

17. Hope is not a resting place but a starting point, a cactus, not a cushion. ~H. Jackson Brown, Jr.


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