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Top 25 Powerful Quotes & Lines From The Vagabond Manga

Vagabond is one of the top-selling manga of all time that features a martial arts story. The series is written and illustrated by Takehiko Inoue. Let us explore the best quotes from the Vagabond manga that you will love and get a dose of inspiration

Best Vagabond Quotes

1. There is no light for those who do not know darkness.

2. It has no value if you think only of yourself.

3. Brightness shall come your way.

4. Live on and endure the shadows.

5. Life has no value!

6. It’s because you are afraid of people.

7. Others have no ambition at all, and you ended everything for them, Takezo.

8. Each and every person you killed had his own life.

Meaningful Vagabond Manga Lines & Captions

9. Whether that life was blessed or not, everyone is born into this world.

10. You are being selfish.

11. If we were even perfectly satisfied, what meaning would the rest of our lives hold, right?

12. So you want to die honorably?

13. Heaven doesn’t laugh. It just smiles and stares.

14. Being incomplete is what pushes us onward to the next something.

15. Invincible is just a word.

16. Nothing goes perfectly for us.

17. Preoccupied with a single tree, you’ll miss the entire forest.

Inspiring Quotes From Vagabond Manga

18. That is what it means to truly see.

19. Don’t be preoccupied with a single spot.

20. Preoccupied with a single leaf, you won’t see the tree.

21. See everything in its entirety, effortlessly.

22. You are the weakest person in this village.

23. You distance yourself from everyone.

24. You’re always ready to lash out.

25. You keep your nerves on edge.

The Bottom Line

These were the best quotes & lines from the Vagabond manga series. We hope that you love this quote and encourage you to share it with manga lovers.

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