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Top 15 Awesome Quotes From The Marvels Movie For Marvel Fans

The Marvels is one of the most anticipated movies of the year 2023. The movie brings together the two superheroes of Marvel together i.e. Captain Marvel & Ms. Marvel. Let’s explore the best quotes from The Marvels movie that you would love…

Best The Marvels Movie Quotes

1. It must be buried elsewhere. ~Kree Soldier

2. Nick Fury, my favorite one-eye man of intrigue. ~Carol Danvers

3. This is just the beginning. ~Darr-ben

4. Was Captain Marvel influencing you in any way? ~Kamala’s Dad, Yussef Khan

5. There is a different reality bleeding into ours. ~Monica Rambeau

6. Oh my God, it’s happening! ~Kamala

The Marvels quotes

7. New rule. No light space power moving touching sh*t. ~Nick Fury

8. Scissors beats paper. ~Fury

9. You can stand tall without standing alone. ~Valkyrie

Quotes & Dialogues From The Marvels Movie

10. It was a marriage of convenience. ~Carol DanversThe Marvels movie dialogues

11. Carol, that is not how family works. I never expected you to be the mighty Captain Marvel. ~Monica Rambeau

12. Are you praying? Don’t stop. We need all the help we can get. Amen. ~Fury

13. Your powers only make me stronger. ~Darr-Ben

14. I can’t fly. Do you guys have a spaceship I could borrow? ~Kamala Khan

15. She tore a hole in space. ~Monica Rambeau

Final Words

These were the best collection of quotes from The Marvels movie. We hope that you enjoyed these quotations and encourage you to share them with die-hard fans of Marvel.

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