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Top 15 Stunning Quotes From The Rugrats Series

Rugrats is one of the popular animated series. It features the daily adventures of a group of toddlers. The series shows different kinds of adventures experienced by them. Here are the best quotes from the Rugrats series that will surprise you…

Best Rugrats Quotes

1. Do me a favor: Just keep quiet for a while? ~Angelica Charlotte Pickles

2. Only some of us stay beautiful unless you go and get elastic perjury. ~Angelica Charlotte Pickles

3. Because I’ve lost control of my life. ~Stuart Louis Pickles

4. Getting old is nothing but misery and woe! ~Angelica Charlotte Pickles

5. When life gives you lemons, make apple sauce. ~Angelica Charlotte Pickles

6. Well, my mind is a pretty scary place. ~Chuckie Finster, Jr.

7. Things never turn out like they do in the movies. ~Chuckie Finster, Jr.
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8. Life is so hard, Tommy. Sometimes I think it’s the hardest thing there is. ~Chuckie Finster, Jr.

9. It’s going to take years, maybe even months of hard work. ~Angelica Charlotte Pickles

10. I don’t have that much time, Angelica. I have to take my afternoon nap. ~Chuckie Finster, Jr.

11. A cookie just tastes better when it’s someone else’s. ~Angelica Charlotte Pickles

12. If you turn into a bug first, I’m gonna eat you. ~Phillip Richard DeVille

13. You dumb babies, monsters are just frigments of your infactuation. ~Angelica Charlotte Pickles

14. I haven’t eaten since the last time I eated. ~Phillip Richard DeVille

15. Sometimes I wish I could be you, so I could be friends with me. ~Angelica Charlotte Pickles


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