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Top 22 Inspirational Quotes From Dak Prescott For Success

Dak Prescott is an American Football Quarterback playing for the Dallas Cowboys of the National Football League. His football journey of him was started at Mississippi State. Let’s explore the best inspirational quotes from Dak Prescott for a dose of motivation…

Best Dak Prescott Quotes

1. I’m hard on myself. I’m my biggest critic.

2. If there’s one perk, it’s being the quarterback of America’s team and being able to make a difference off the field.

3. I’m confident in myself. I’m confident in my knowledge of the game.

4. I definitely got high expectations for myself and wanted it to happen one day but it happened a lot faster than expected.

5. I like to stay in the moment, live in the play. Not really think about who I’m playing.

6. I’m just trying to win games and give my team a chance, win as many as we can week in and week out.

7. I hate to lose. It’s a bad feeling, but, I mean, it kind of gets you resettled, gets you back right.

Inspiring Quotes From Dak Prescott

8. I want to go where I’m the difference. I want to make something out of nothing. I want to be the reason someone is great.

9. I’ve always had high expectations of myself. I’ve never felt that there was anything I couldn’t do in this world.

10. I am smarter because I stayed in school, and I am a better football player.

11. If we’re doing a class project, then I’m going to be the one talking and taking the lead. I might not necessarily put all of the work in the project, but I want to help and do as much as I can and get everyone going in the right direction.

12. There are a lot of guys who play in pro-style offenses who are not prepared when they come out of college. Either you’re coaching the quarterback to be a quarterback, or you’re not.

13. On the field, I went from an anonymous redshirt to a short-yardage specialist to a Heisman Trophy candidate. Off the field, I showed up as a wild kid and grew up.

14. If somebody says I’m a leader or notices the things I try to do to be a leader, it’s the ultimate compliment.

15. I’ve been in situations where I was the only black guy. We’re in a time now where nobody wants to see that. But it still happens.

16. I will never have a sip of alcohol and get behind the wheel again. Regardless if I’m 300% sure that I just had a sip and I can drive. It doesn’t matter.

Famous Dak Prescott Quotes

17. The game of football is something I dearly love, and there’s nothing else I’d rather be doing.

18. Mind over matter and faith. Believing that you can do anything. No matter the circumstances, mind over matter. Which is mom, who that taught me that, you can go a long way no matter what gets in your way.

19. I just try to live my life the right way.

20. I just continue to be myself, study the game the same way, be ready for my number to be called.

21. When opportunity presents itself, don’t ask why. Just take it and run with it.

22. It’s football. I love to play football, as long as I’m doing that, I’m excited. I don’t care if it’s a crucial situation in the game, or it’s just practice. I try to treat it all the same and do my best.

Final Words

These were the best-compiled collection of quotes by Dak Prescott. These quotes were absolute motivation boosters.

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