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Top 17 Berlin Series Quotes That Are Breathtaking

Berlin is a Spanish TV Series that is a prequel to the Money Heist series. Money Heist series is one of the top crime series in the world. It is currently streaming on Netflix. Let’s explore the best quotes from the Berlin series that are worth reading…

Best Berlin Series Quotes

1. Love is the only thing worth living for. Don’t forget it. ~Berlin

2. Our love is true. It is unstoppable. You can’t ignore it, no matter how hard you try. It’s the elephant in the room. In fact, an elephant in danger of extinction. Because most people will die without ever knowing it. ~Berlin

3. The only thing I’ve ever known about love is the beginning. But what I want, what I really want, is to experience a love that never ends. ~Berlin

4. You cannot refuse a single moment of love just because it’ll end. ~Damian

5. The perfect love story can happen in one day. Real, tangible love. Twenty-four-karat love. And with a stranger. ~Damian

6. I’m talking to you about love, and you ask about the police? What is the world coming to? ~Berlin

7. I know how unstoppable love can be. How can you negotiate with a tsunami? ~Damian

Badass Dialogues & Sayings From Berlin Series

8. When you fall in love, it’s like you’re living in a song. And I was a song. But I’d forgotten, songs only last three minutes. ~Cameron

9. All relationships eventually come to an end. Think of relationships as a handful of happy moments before a disaster. ~Cameron

10. When you are surrounded by young people, you feel invigorated. ~Berlin

11. You cannot imagine how sad it is to work with people hardened by apathy. ~Berlin

12. A robbery is not a plan. A robbery is a curriculum. ~Berlin

berlin series dialogues

13. Love is a disease with different phases. Anxiety when you find it. Fear of losing it. Depression when it leaves you. ~Cameron

14. There are four billion women on this planet. The chances of meeting someone truly fascinating are quite slim. And to ignore such a chance is unacceptable. ~Berlin

15. Who cares if love ends or fades away? It’s the only thing worth living for. ~Berlin

16. Therein lies the beauty of love. It brings out the best in all of us. ~Berlin

17. Graveyards around the world are filled with poor bastards who picked the wrong day to play hero. ~Berlin

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