Life lessons from Batman

  We all know Batman with his fighting detective skills and intelligence. Batman is one of the favorite superhero of many of them.  If  you also love Batman, tell us through comments and  we all know that Batman is a fictional character. There is so much to learn from Batman’s life, so let’s know some beneficial lessons we can learn from Batman’s life. So, let us check some of the Life lessons from Batman –

Be prepared for everything-

 Batman does not have any superpower.  Due to which, he always has to be ready in advance, rather than the rest of his companions, and every difficulty has to be prepared before that difficulty comes.  Similarly, you should also be ready for every difficulty.  If you too are behind or not perfect in some things from some of your peers, then you should also keep that thing ready.  Whenever there is trouble, you should fight back and make him go away.

Fight your fears-

  Batman got his insignia out of fear of him.  All of the biggest fear of Bruce Wayne was bats. But he fought his fear and he become batman and made his fear a symbol. Like Batman, you too should end your fear.  To end your fear, you should push yourself towards the same fear or face it and end it.

To control anger –

We all know that whenever he catches the villain, he never kills them. Even though villain may harm him but he never kills them. So he controls his anger and let it go, which is very difficult thing to do. For which he meditates. You should also learn to control anger, due to which many of your difficulties and troubles will be easily vanished. Anger is not solution for any problem. It just messes your mind. You can do meditation to control anger which will help you to control it.

Never back down from your responsibilities-

  If you are a fan of Batman, then you will know that Batman is a common man and he faces many problems while saving his city Gotham.  It does not matter how sick or injured you are,  you should not back down from your responsibilities.  Ha-Ha, I know we don’t have the same difficulty as Batman, nor should I take responsibility, yet we should realize and fulfill our responsibilities.

Never give up-

  Not only Batman, every hero never gives up until they are successful in their work. Do you remember the scene from THE DARK KNIGHT RISES of escaping the prison? He failed many times but didn’t gave up and he was successful to escape it after so many trials. So the lesson is that you should never give up.  Just remind yourself when you feel like giving up, that by doing this one more time you will be successful in your work.

Never give up
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Always stand for what is right-

 This is a very good lesson that we must learn from Batman, which is that always support the truth.  Whatever will happen to Batman, even if Superman is wrong, Batman will only support the truth.  And he will take Superman to do it right, even if he has to do anything for it. Anything means anything and anyway Superman also once said that Batman is the most dangerous man on earth.

Make your Backup plans-

 This lesson is amazing, it is not completely brilliant.  Batman will always has a plan ready for defeat or trouble.  A plan for every difficulty, so that if someone suddenly comes in trouble, then he can handle it without any difficulty.  If you are also starting a new business or any other important work, you should also have a plan ready in advance so that you can knock out the problem with a single punch.

What we do that defines us-

 It’s not who I am underneath, but what I do that  defines me
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We know the scene when Batman says “ It’s not who I am underneath, but what I do that  defines me” to Rachel. This line has an amazing message that your work defines you what you are. Great people become great because of their work. So let your work defines you. Remember that


 These were some of the Life lessons from Batman that we can learn. Even though Batman is a fictional character but he gives us some lessons from his story. You can become a real life Batman from his story.

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