8 Priceless lessons that you learn from Batman

8 Priceless lessons that you learn from Batman

Batman is a fictional character of the DC universe. We all know this character. Bruce Wayne who becomes Batman to save Gotham city to save from crimes. His story of becoming batman to save the lives of people is so inspiring. He always trains himself to acquire knowledge, fighting skills, detective skills and many more things. He always works on his physical abilities and strengthens himself. We can learn a lot of things from this character. Let’s check out 8 Priceless lessons that you learn from Batman-

Make your Fear has your power-

Bruce Wayne feared from BATS in his childhood. He knew that if he faced his fear he would be a stronger men. He made his identity as a bat i.e. batman and he always had the guts to face his fears and he always stood strong against his fears and faced it.

So, we must also face our fears. Remember, fear is just stopping you from doing great things. Like, if you have fear of social situations, you are missing good people, good communication, good memories and many more things. Just face it and you will overcome it.

Your work shows who you are-

Batman dialogue

We all know this dialogue in the Batman Begins movie. Every person is known for what he does. J.K Rowling is known for its amazing novels of Harry Potter, Robert Downey Jr. is known for his amazing acting for playing Tony Stark role in marvel movies, Sachin Tendulkar is known for his amazing batting for Indian cricket team, Bill Gates for Microsoft company, Steve Jobs for Apple company and there are many more examples of that you are remembered for what you do in the society. Great people always do great work. What Value you bring to society that matters. If you can provide the value you will be successful.

Limits are just created by us-

Bruce Wayne who is Batman is just a human being. He doesn’t have any god gifted powers and no superpowers. Other superheroes in DC have gifted powers. Even though Batman is just a normal person,  it doesn’t matter. Limit is just in our mind. He just makes himself better and does limitless things. Once superman said that Batman is the most dangerous being on the earth.

Giving up is not the solution-

Batman always has a warrior mentality. He always tries hard. If he fails he tries harder. He never gives up and always tries harder. The prison escape scene in the movie- The Dark Knight Rises shows how he never gives up. He failed multiple times while escaping the prison. He fell from a high position and got hurt badly. But what makes me feel fascinated is that he gets up again and tries hard one more time. He keeps failing but never gives up. And after trying it so hard he succeeds at last.This is how you must have a warrior mentality. You must never give up and try hard every time. You don’t fail when you keep trying but you Fail when you stop trying and accept that you can’t do it.

Bruce Wayne Prison Escape
GIF credit- Tenor

Pain makes your more stronger-

Death of his mom and dad was an immense pain for Bruce Wayne. He was just a kid at that time. He suffered from huge pain from his childhood. Even his childhood friend Rachel chooses Harvey Dent over him as love. This all pain made him even stronger and stronger. Pain just comes in life to make you better.

Controlling the Anger within you

‘Batman never kills his enemy’ is one of the values of Batman’s heroism. Even though his enemy makes him suffer so much, he never kills his enemy. He meditates to get control over his anger. This show even if you have anger within you, don’t let it get over you. He uses his anger to do good things. This is how one should use his anger to do productive things in life and don’t let it get over you and make you a mad man.

Do what is right-

Batman stands up straight against what’s wrong. He always tends to do the right things. He tries to do good things and he is a big supporter of truth. No matter what he will choose the right things. He will stand against superman also if he is wrong. You can do right things like him as well, I don’t mean by wearing a superhero costume but small things like helping a needy person, being kind, standing up against evil things, etc.

Master the self control-

Self control is an art. Batman has such a high end self control in his life. We live in a generation where there are many distractions like mobiles, social media, gaming, partying, clubbing, Netflix, etc. We all run behind short-term pleasures blindly.We all run behind temporary satisfaction. Most  young people have no self control in their life. We lack patience and discipline.

The best quality about Batman is that he has god level self control. Not killing his enemies shows how he is the master of self control. He is so self disciplined. He is always productive and he does his training, meditation, research about enemies with Alfred, development of his weapons and many more things. This is how you must have self control. You must not waste your time on unnecessary things. You must always be productive and do things that must be done by yourself. If you want to win in life, self control is really vital. Otherwise you will keep procrastinating your dreams and run behind short term pleasures.

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Batman is one the iconic heroes for me. His story gives us some of the timeless lessons. Yes I know that he is a fictional character but his story is really inspiring from the pain after his mother and father’s death to saving many people’s lives. Batman movies give us priceless lessons.

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