how does cricbuzz make money

How does Cricbuzz make money? Cricbuzz Business model

Cricbuzz is one of the popular application or website for the cricket lovers. It always keeps updated with the live score of the cricket match whenever we can’t watch match.  However, you might have wondered that How does Cricbuzz make money?  The business model of Cricbuzz is really interesting and it is very successful business.

Let us look at the detail of Cricbuzz-

Introduction to Cricbuzz

Cricket + Buzz = Cricbuzz

It is combination of words cricket and buzz. It is a platform which gives updates and information related to cricket which includes live scores, trending news, player Stats, Team rankings, match schedules, videos, etc.

Cricbuzz has its own website as well as its application. The mobile app has more than 100 million+ downloads whereas its website is used by 50 million+ users.


Who owns Cricbuzz?

Cricbuzz was created by Pankaj Chhaparwal, Piyush Agrawal and Pravin Hegde in the year 2004. In the year 2014, Times Internet acquired majority of the stake in the Cricbuzz for an undisclosed amount. However, still it is managed by the original owners of cricbuzz.

After acquiring Cricbuzz, the company merged it Go Cricket application into Cricbuzz in the year 2015. Go cricket website is now redirected to Cricbuzz whereas its application is also combined.


How does Cricbuzz makes money?

Cricbuzz produces content of large basis  in form of news, scores, analysis, matches schedule, text commendatory, etc. In the cricketing field, it is one of the leading content creator in the cricket sports. CricBuzz earns money from 3 sources. These 3 sources are as follow-


Third-party advertising network

The primary source for any application or website is by showing third party advertisements. Most of the websites and application places ads in between content to earn money. Cricbuzz also makes a huge amount of money through Adsense on its website and Admob on its application. They place advertisements in a user friendly manner between the various content. Adsense and Admob helps cricbuzz to make money according to cost per click (CPC) and revenue per thousand impressions (RPM).


Direct Advertisements

Direct Ads are also shown by Cricbuzz in their website and application. These advertisements get millions of impressions and clicks which contribute to huge revenue for Cricbuzz.


Selling scores

Cricbbuzz also sells live score to various other brands.  Hike app collaborated with Cricbuzz and added a feature of showing live score in its messenger. It is because of the deal with Hike messenger, Cricbuzz gets huge revenue. It also sells scores to telecom operators via OnMobile (provider of mobile life solutions). This way generates a huge amount of revenue to the company.


Effective Ad Campaigns by Cricbuzz

One of the reason for Cricbuzz being so successful is that, Times Internet carries out efficient promotion strategies for Cricbuzz. It has rolled out an effective campaign of “Cricket ka Keeda” and made some of the epic TV advertisements. You can check 2 of Advertisements below-


Cricbuzz also effectively uses social media platforms like Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, etc to promote their content.


Cricbuzz have got huge popularity of Cricket lovers. Many companies tried to copy its business model but all failed in it and it is the most used application by cricket lovers. Cricbuzz growth is always upgoing because of its effective strategies.

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