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Top 25 Quotes From Banana Fish Which Will Blow Your Mind

Banana Fish is a Japanese Manga series. The series highlights the relationship between Ash Lynx, a teenage gang leader in New York City, and Eiji Okumura, a Japanese photographer assistant. It is one of the mind-blowing series revolving around solving the mystery of a drug called ‘Banana Fish‘. Here are the best quotes from the Banana Fish series to blow your mind-

Best Banana Fish Quotes

1. Innocence can be more dangerous than guns sometimes. ~Max Lobo

2. War is always good business for those in power. ~Ash Lynx

banana fish quote

3. If I’m going to die anyway, at least I’ll die trying! ~Eiji Okumura

4. If there really are such things as devils, they’d probably look like you. ~Max Lobo

5. Humans can change their destiny. They have wisdom leopards don’t. Besides, you’re not a leopard. ~Eiji Okumura

6. Water-gate is history, Max. Don’t tell me you still believe the pen is mightier than the sword. ~Ash Lynx

7. Logic’s got nothing to do with it! Strength is all that counts! That’s how it works on the street! What the hell do you know? ~Ash Lynxquotes from banana fish

8. Time is an ironic thing. For us, it means to age. But for boys like him, it means to grow. ~Sergei Varishikov

9. I am very worried because I haven’t seen you, and I don’t know if you are okay. ~Eiji Okumura

Love Quotes From Banana Fish Anime

10. My words might not mean anything now, but just remember one thing—even if the world turns on you, I’ll always be on your side. ~Eiji Okumura

11. That guy always regarded me as a human being with a real heart, not some sort of tool. ~Ash Lynx

12. If you feel responsible, the same goes for me. ~Eiji Okumurabanana fish sayings

13. You want people to protect you, like with Ash, or make them want to tear you apart and crush you. ~Yut-Lung

14. Look, sun’s setting. Sunrise and sunset are about the only times this junkyard of a city looks good. ~Ash Lynx

15. A bloody history is inevitable when you are the ruling clan. ~Yut-Lung

16. If we don’t fight back now, we’ll forever be expendable tools. ~Sing Soo-Ling

Captions & Dialogues From The Banana Fish Anime

17. No need to glare. I won’t eat you up. ~Yut-Lung

18. If the former boss gets hit, then it’s the duty of the new boss to make the drop. ~Sing Soo-Ling

19. That’s right, death. You said I am not like ordinary people. If there was just one thing I’d say that was true about. It is—I’m not afraid of death. ~Ash Lynx

20. You are not alone, Ash. I am with you. My soul is always with you. ~Eiji Okumurabanana fish dialogues

21. I think I wanted to protect you from your future because your fate was sweeping you away like a flood. ~Eiji Okumura

22. If I ever lose you too, I’ll go crazy. ~Eiji Okumura

23. Let’s say I am exceptional, right? The problem is, I never, ever, my whole life, wanted to be! ~Ash Lynx

24. Stay with me. I won’t ask forever. Just for now, Eiji. ~Ash Lynx

25. Depending on your answer, I may not forgive you. ~Yut-Lung

The Bottom Line

These were the best quotes from the Banana Fish series. Hope you liked this article and make sure to share it with die-hard anime fans.

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