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Top 20 Amazing Quotes From The Barbie Movie (2023)

Barbie (2023) is one of the highly anticipated movies of the year 2023. A Movie that features the land of Barbie world. Here are the best quotes from the Barbie movie for all the Barbie fans to blow your mind…

Best Barbie 2023 Movie Quotes

  1. Barbie is all these women. And all these women are Barbie. -Narrator
  2. Humans only have one ending. Ideas live forever. -Ruth
  3. We mothers stand still so our daughters can look back to see how far they have come. -Ruth
  4. Thanks to Barbie, all problems of feminism have been solved. -Narrator
  5. There are no multiples of Allan. He’s just Allan. – Narrator
  6. It is the best day ever. So was yesterday, and so is tomorrow, and every day from now until forever. – Barbiebarbie 2023 captions

  7. Barbie has a great day every day, but Ken only has a great day if Barbie looks at him. -Narrator
  8. Shredding waves is much more dangerous than people realize. -Ken
  9. Every night is girl’s night. -Barbie
  10. I’m just dying to dance. -Barbie
  11. Come on, Kens. Nobody’s going to beach anyone off. -Barbie
  12. You have to see Weird Barbie. -Skipper
  13. The first one. The high heel. -Barbie
  14. I’m not Adventure Barbie, I’m Sterotypical Barbie! -Barbie
  15. What if there’s beach? You’ll need someone professional in that. -Ken
  16. Barbie in the real world. That’s impossible. -Gloria
  17. If this got out, this could mean extremely weird things for our world. This would be catastrophic! -Mattel CEO
  18. It’s almost like reverse here. -Barbie
  19. No one rests until this doll is back in the box. -CEO
  20. You guys are not doing patriarchy very well. -Ken
  21. Men look at me like I’m an object, girls hate me. -Barbie
  22. The real world isn’t what I thought it was. -Barbiebarbie movie dialogues

  23. I’m a man without power. Does that make me a woman? -Aaron
  24. Basically, everything that men do in your world, women do in ours. -Barbie
  25. Barbie is a doctor, and a lawyer, and so much more than that. -Barbie

These are the best quotes from the Barbie (2023) movie. Hope you loved it and make sure to share it with your friends who loved this movie.

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