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Top 25 Badass Quotes From Gurren Lagann For Inspiration

Gurren Lagann is a Japanese anime mecha series. It is a highly-rated series with an IMDb rating of 8.3 out of 10. It was directed by Hiroyuki Imaishi. Here are the best badass inspirational quotes from Gurren Lagann which will blow your mind-

Best Gurren Lagann Quotes

1. Whether impossible or laughable, we continue to walk the path of men! ~Kamina

2. God gave us eyes at the front of our heads so we can look forward to the future. ~Kamina
kamina gurren lagann quotes

3. We evolve, beyond the person that we were a minute before. Little by little, we advance with each turn. That’s how a drill works! ~Simon

4. When you’re scared, that’s all the more reason to move forward! ~Kittan Bachika

5. I don’t want fear for a future that may not even come, to stop me from acting today. ~Simon

6. Do the impossible, see the invisible. ~Herbern Lebumfacil

7. The dreams we left behind will open the door! ~Yoko gurren lagann quotes

8. If there’s a wall in our way then we smash it down! If there isn’t a path, then we carve one ourselves! ~Simon.

9. If this body can create a tomorrow for all spiral life, I will gladly give it. ~Lord Genome.

10. Reject common sense to make the impossible possible! ~Simon.gurren lagann sayings

11. A true man doesn’t die even if he’s killed! ~Kamina

12. The Human spirit is infinite! ~Nia Teppelin

13. Your back is your one big blind spot. ~Yoko Littner

14. If there’s no road, we’ll forge it with our own hands! ~Simongurren lagann dialogues

15. Don’t believe in the you that believes in me and don’t believe in the me that believes in you. Believe in the you that believes in yourself. ~Kamina

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16. We embark on the winding spiral path! The paths of man and beast intersect! ~Simon Giha

17. Our burning blood will cut through fate! ~Viral

18. Are all the lights in the heavens our enemy? ~Simon Giha

19. The screams of life echo across the galaxy! ~Viral

20. Smashing through both karma and fate! ~Simon Giha

21. All the lights in the sky are stars. ~Simon Giha

22. When you screw it in, give it a hard manly twist. ~Leeron Littner

23. Kamina-sama will be your opponent! Believe it! ~Kamina Jiha

24. My soul once drowned in a sea of despair and weariness but has reawakened! ~Spiral King

25. If there’s a wall in our way, then we smash it down! If there isn’t a path, then we carve one ourselves! ~Simon Giha


These were the best quotes from the Gurren Lagann series. Hope you liked this article and make sure to share these quotes with die-hard fans of Anime.

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