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Top 20 Badass Quotes From Arcane Series For A Dose Motivation

Arcane: League of Legends is an Adult animated television series streaming on Netflix. It has received universal appreciation for its animation, story, characters, world-building, and many more. Here are the badass quotes from the Arcane series which will give you a dose of motivation-

Best Arcane Series Quotes

1. Power, real power, doesn’t come to those who were born strongest, or fastest, or smartest. No. It comes to those who will do anything to achieve it. ~Silco

2. There’s a monster inside all of us. ~Silco
silco arcane quotes

3. When you’re going to change the world, don’t ask for permission. ~Viktor

4. The only way to defeat a superior enemy is to stop at nothing. To become what they fear. ~Silco

5. A bit of advice. Don’t threaten the guy who pours the drinks. ~Vander

6. Don’t cry. You’re perfect. ~Silco

7. You’re stronger than you think. And one day… this city’s gonna respect us. ~Viarcane sayings

8. Those who shine brightest often burn fastest. ~Heimerdinger

9. If dangerous ideas didn’t excite the imagination, we would never wander astray. ~Heimerdinger

10. Everyone makes mistakes, right? What’s important is that we don’t repeat them. ~Silcosilco quotes

11. Betrayal, that pain that feels like it’ll eat you from the inside out, can either break you or forge you into something greater. ~Silco

12. You’ve got a good heart. Don’t ever lose it. ~Vander

13. What makes you different makes you strong. ~Viarcane dialogues

14. We lost ourselves. Lost our dream. In the pursuit of great, we failed to do good. ~Viktor

15. Nothing ever stays dead. ~Jinx

16. You’d die for the cause, but you won’t fight for one? ~Silco

17. We are the City of Progress. And our future is bright. ~Jayce Talis

18. Nobody wins in war. ~Vander

19. We’ve all had bad days. But we learn. And we stick together. ~ Vi

20. I’m a helpless little girl and I’ve set the building on fire. By accident. Totally by accident. Also, I brought this dynamite. Goodbye. ~Jinx

These were the best quotes from the Arcane series. Hope you liked this article and make sure to share it with die-hard fans of anime.

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