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Top 15 Mind-Blowing Quotes From Gaara Of Naruto Series

Gaara is one of the characters in Naruto anime. He is a Shinobi of Sunagakure. He had nobody while growing up so he hated the world and looked only for himself, giving his life meaning by killing anyone he came across. Here are the best quotes from Gaara that will blow your mind-

Best Gaara Quotes

1. A soul needs a purpose to live and so I concluded that my purpose was to kill everyone besides myself. I felt alive.

2. If love is just a word, then why does it hurt so much if you realize it isn’t there?
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3. We have walked through the darkness of this world, that’s why we are able to see even a sliver of light.

4. Perhaps the companionship of an evil person is preferable to loneliness.

5. Family? Let me tell you what kind of link I have with them. They are just lumps of meat linked by hatred and murderous intent!

6. Peace under an illusion is not true peace. It’s only meaningful if the real world manages to accomplish gaara quotes

7. In order to escape a road of solitude, one has to work hard and forge a new path with their own power.

8. One day, I’d like to become something precious to others.

9. Now there’s something I understand a little better—hate, sadness, even joy.

10. People cannot win against their loneliness.dark gaara quotes

11. Just because someone is important to you, it doesn’t necessarily mean that that person is good.

12. Your eyes tell me how badly you wish to kill the one who put you through the hell called loneliness.

13. He was the one who taught me to deepen my bond with my people.

14. I would love only myself and fight for only myself.gaara sayings

15. For the sake of the ninja world and as the Kazekage, I will guard you with my life.


These were the best quotes from Gaara. Hope you liked this article and make sure to share it with die-hard fans Naruto anime series.

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