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Top 20 Awesome Quotes From The End of Watch Movie

End Of Watch is one of the action-packed thriller movies released in the year 2012. It focuses on two cops’ professional and personal lives. This movie focuses on partners who celebrate their personal lives and fight against criminal activities. It had a box office collection of gross $57 Million against a budget of $7 Million. Let’s explore the best quotes from the End of Watch movie that are just awesome…

Best End Of Watch Quotes

1. I am fate with a badge and a gun. ~Brian Taylor

2. The thin blue line has to be covered in blood. Remember that. ~Big Evil

3. What happens in the streets is just as important as what happens in this courtroom. ~Mike Zavala

4. Sorry, fellas. This isn’t Monopoly. You don’t get to choose your real estate. Now go. ~Sarge

5. Dude, it’s good to be back, man. Old lady was driving me crazy at the casa.. ~Mike Zavala

6. I did not write the law. I may even disagree with the law. But I will enforce it. ~Brian Taylor

7. If you do the right thing, I will always have your back. Do the wrong thing, and cross me, I will personally throw you under the bus. ~Captain Reese

8. We will stand together. A thin blue line. Protecting the prey from the predators. The good from the bad. We are the police. ~Brian Taylor

9. Just because you guys think you’re these big ghetto gunfighters now, don’t mean you can be dropping your calls. ~Orozco

Famous Quotes And Dialogues From End Of Watch Movie

10. It’s not about being a hero. It’s about keeping your family safe. ~Mike Zavala

11. Every cop needs a partner; someone they can trust with their life. ~Mike Zavala

12. We don’t run from our fears; we run straight at them. ~Brian Taylor

13. When you’re a cop, the threat of violence is always there. It’s a shadow following you around. ~Brian Taylor

14. We are the people that you sleep peacefully at night because we are willing to do violence on your behalf. ~Brian Taylor

15. You don’t want to go to war with us. ~Mike Zavala

16. If you’re afraid to die, you’re no good to anybody. ~Brian Taylor

17. We go where the angels fear to tread. ~Mike Zavala

18. I want to be a cop. I want to serve and protect. I want to make a difference. ~Brian Taylor

19. The job isn’t just about catching bad guys, it’s about helping people. ~Brian Taylor

20. You never know who you’re dealing with out there. Everyone’s got a hidden agenda. ~Mike Zavala

Final Words

End of Watch is one of the absolutely entertaining movies of the couple cop. These were the compiled collection of quotes from the End of Watch movie.

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