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Top 18 Classic Quotes From The Citizen Kane Movie

Citizen Kane is one of the classic hits of the all time. It is one of the critically acclaimed movie that has won many global awards. The movie explore the life of Charles Foster Kane. Let us check out the best quotes from Citizen Kane that worth checking out…

Best Citizen Kane Quotes

  1. If I hadn’t been very rich, I might have been a really great man. ~Charles Foster Kane
  2. It’s obvious the people prefer Jim Gettys to me. ~Charles Foster Kane
  3. I know too many people. I guess we’re both lonely. ~Charles Foster Kane
  4. If I don’t look after the interests of the underprivileged, maybe somebody else will, maybe somebody without any money or property… and that would be too bad! ~Charles Foster Kane
  5. It’s also my pleasure to see to it that decent, hard-working people in this community aren’t robbed blind by a pack of money-mad pirates, just because they haven’t had anybody to look after their interests. ~Charles Foster Kane
  6. We have no secrets from our readers. ~Charles Foster Kane

  7. There’s only one person who’s going to decide what I’m going to do and that’s me. ~Charles Foster Kane
  8. The news goes on for 24 hours a day. ~Charles Foster Kane
  9. I always gagged on that silver spoon. ~Charles Foster Kane
  10. If the headline is big enough, it makes the news big enough. ~Charles Foster Kane
  11. You never should have married a newspaper man… they’re worse than sailors! ~Charles Foster Kane
  12. Sure, we’re speaking, Jedediah: you’re fired. ~Charles Foster Kane
  13. Don’t believe everything you hear on the radio. ~Charles Foster Kane

  14. You long-faced, overdressed anarchist! ~Charles Foster Kane
  15. You can’t buy a bag of peanuts in this town without someone writing a song about you. ~Charles Foster Kane
  16. He married for love. Love. That’s why he did everything. That’s why he went into politics. It seems we weren’t enough, he wanted all the voters to love him too. ~Jedediah Leland
  17. How did I find business conditions in Europe? With great difficulty. ~Charles Foster Kane
  18. I can remember everything. That’s my curse, young man. It’s the greatest curse that’s ever been inflicted on the human race: memory. ~Jedediah Leland

These were the best quotes from the Citizen Kane movie. Hope you enjoyed these classic quotes and share them with your friends who have watched this movie.

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