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Top 18 Fascinating Death’s Game Quotes For K-Drama Lovers

Death’s Game is one of the awesome K-Drama series based on the web novel of the same name. It was released on 15th December 2023. Let’s explore the awesome collection of quotes from the Death’s Game series that you will love…

Best Death’s Game Quotes

1. Each day felt like hell while I was alive. Now I have to go to hell even after I die. ~Choi Yee Jae

2. Death is merely a means of ending the pain I’m in. I refuse to struggle to survive anymore. ~Choi Yee Jae

3. There’s no further hope for me. It’s life that I’m afraid of. I’m not afraid of death at all. ~Choi Yee Jae

4. The most difficult thing to achieve is an ordinary life where you get a job and get married just like everyone else. ~Choi Yee Jae

5. What did I ever do? Why do I have to go there when I haven’t done anything wrong? ~Choi Yee Jae

6. All these deaths are inevitable. ~Choi Yee Jae

7. Cliques are the problem, whether it’s in school or out in the world. ~Kwon Hyeok Su

8. A man may give up his life for the woman he loves, but he would never give up the woman. ~Choi Yee Jae

Awesome Dialogues & Sayings From Death’s Game K-Drama

9. Does that story of yours have a happy ending? ~Ji Su

10. People are happiest when they can truly be themselves. In the end, life would be meaningless if you can never really be yourself. ~Ji Su

11. Humans sometimes have to fight the losing battle. ~Choi Yee Jae

12. Killers don’t walk around wearing name tags, you see. An ordinary-looking person may be a hideous demon on the inside. ~An Ji Hyeong

13. I can’t do anything right even after I die. ~An Ji Hyeong

14. You’re not the one who gets to decide how this story ends. Every good story always has a twist. ~Jang Geonu

15. Due to my actions, many people ended up cherishing his memory. But the deeds I accomplished as An Ji Hyeon had nothing to do with me in the end. ~Choi Yee Jae

16. Death is merely a means of ending the pain I’m in. ~Choi Yee Jae

17. Death is contagious. As I disappeared from the world, my death remained behind with those who loved me. ~ Choi Yee Jae

18. A clear day. A rainy day. A windy day. I learned that life was made up of these different days. And that it was okay to fail as long as I kept going. ~Choi Yee Jae

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