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Top 17 Badass Quotes From Aquaman and the Lost Kingdom

Aquaman and the Lost Kingdom is one of the most anticipated movies of the year 2023. The DC franchise is building its character and it’s the second movie focusing on the Aquaman as a main protagonist. Let’s explore the best quotes from the Aquaman and the Lost Kingdom that are so elegant…

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Best Aquaman and the Lost Kingdom Quotes

1. He must be stopped, or a global meltdown is imminent. ~Atlanna

2. Four years ago I was basically unemployed, a wanderer with no home. But now I’m a husband and a father. And I wouldn’t have it any other way. ~Arthur Curry

3. I’m going to kill Aquaman and destroy everything he holds dear. I’m gonna murder his family and burn his kingdom to ash. ~Black Manta

4. I don’t know what lies ahead. But we can’t leave our children in a world without hope. ~Arthur Curry

5. Oh, yeah, I finally got a job. I’m the King of Atlantis! ~Arthur Curry

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6. Half a billion people from every known species in the sea call this place home. But that doesn’t mean they all like me. ~Arthur Curry

7. He mean to end the bloodline? ~Orm

8. The two of you, standing together as brothers… Promise me you will protect each other. ~Atlanna

9.  The key to Kordax’s prison is the royal bloodline itself. ~Atlanna

Awesome Aquaman and the Lost Kingdom Dialogues & Captions

10. No one hits my brother, but me! ~Arthur

11. Free me from my prison and all my power will be yours. ~Ancient Evil Force

12. I think I know someone who might be able to help us. ~Arthur Curry

13. If you lead, the seven kingdoms will follow. ~Orm

Badass Aquaman 2 Quotes

14. You want blood? Come get it! ~Arthur

15. The Trident’s dark magic is spreading. ~Atlanna

16. He’s different now. He’s stronger than before. ~Arthur Curry

17. We need to find Manta. ~Orm

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